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The Most Underrated Asian Countries

Thailand, China, and Japan get most of the American tourism on that side of the Earth, but these underrated Asian countries go above and beyond expectations. Plus, they’re super cheap!

asian countries

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Underrated Asian Countries Americans Should Visit


For beach lovers and sun worshippers, the Philippines is a heavenly escape. It has world-class scuba diving in crystal blue and green waters.

Your biggest cost will be to get there. Once you arrive, everything is very cheap. From food, to stay and taxing around, you won’t break the bank at all.

A bucket list must for the Philippines is the island of Bohol. It’s completely serene and perfect for beach bums. Also, it is a short ride from Cebu, a center for nightlife and entertainment.


Although Thailand and Vietnam get most of the tourists, Cambodia is one of the best places you can visit in Asia. It has it all, including the warmest and most hospitable people ever! Although it has a complicated history, Cambodia offers some of the best flora and fauna and most delicious cuisines. Did we mention the amazing influences of Chinese, Malay, European, Hindu and Buddhist mash-up?

On your Cambodia bucket list, make sure to include Angkor Wat.


Malaysia is the south neighbor to Thailand, who gets most of the American tourists. This is mostly because Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, and that is, unfortunately, a turn off for some Americans looking to step on the Asian continent and outside their comfort zone. However, the Malay are a grat example of a melting pot of Chinese, Indian and Thai influences. It has it all regarding cuisine, lodging, adventures and sites.

On your Malaysia bucket list, make sure you explore Gunung Mulu National Park on the Borneo side.


If you want to go to one of the rawest Asian countries, Myanmar should top your list. It’s completely authentic, free of outside influences and untapped to tourism since the country just opened its doors in 2012.

Make sure you’re up for an adventure when going to Myanmar. Don’t expect to stay at a Hilton.

For your Myanmar bucket list, make sure you watch the sunset over the fields of temples in Old Bagan.