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The Best Amsterdam Bars to Chill and Let Loose

Today, we are taking a look at some of the best Amsterdam bars to chill and let loose. If hardcore clubbing isn’t your scene, and want a more chill night, here’s a list of some places you will enjoy!

best amsterdam bars

Cafe Brecht via

Best Amsterdam Bars

Café Brecht

This place is cozy and warm. It is named after Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht (German writer/poet/director). Be sure to sample some of their beer at this place. You won’t find it in many other places in the city and not outside of it. Also, Café Brecht sometimes holds special events and concerts, so make sure to check out their website for info on upcoming events. You might just walk into a play or poetry reading.

Whiskycafé L&B

If you love whiskey, you should not miss the opportunity to go here. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Also, it has more than 1800 whiskeys that you can try. We recommend not trying them all in the same day though. If you’re dragging your sweetheart there and they don’t love whiskey, there are also beer and wine options for those that don’t love the greatest drink known to man.

In de Wildeman

Once a distillery, In de Wildeman is a favorite amongst tourists and locals. It has an excellent array of beers, including 18 that are on tap. It has an authentic atmosphere and attracts a relaxed crowd. If you want a night out without all the fuss, this is a good place to laugh over a good beer with an old friend or new people.