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east coast small towns

Best of East Coast Small Towns | USA Travel

Today, we are looking at some of the best East Coast small towns to visit in 2017. Why do all the big cities get all the buzz anyways? These small towns have it all!

east coast small towns

St.Augustine via

Best of East Coast Small Towns

Florida: St. Augustine

Population: 13,841
St. Augustine features more history than any other place in the sunshine state. Here, you can visit the Castillo de San Marcos, an epic Spanish fort sitting right on Matanzas Bay. The building still has intact architecture dating back to the 18-19th centuries. Many of these buildings are now restaurants and bars, but many are also rumored to be haunted which makes for a fun night out. After you’re done exploring this cute town, a short drive will take you to the epitome of white sandy beaches of Florida.

Georgia: Helen

Population: 526
This place is small! But that doesn’t mean it’s not bright and vibing! Think of it as a teeny patch of Bavaria Germany in the middle of the USA. This place is quirky, and it has some of the best Biergarten’s, chocolatiers and wineries in the peach state but also tops for the USA. Also, Helen is on the Chattahoochee River, which means plenty of rafting, fishing, and hiking. If you can’t make it in the autumn, Oktoberfest here is appropriately huge.

Maine: Camden

Population: 4,850
Let’s face it, most of Maine’s small towns are picturesque and completely lovely. Thanks to their geographical positioning, it is hard not to see the beauty in them all. But, Camden is special. The food here is out of this world. Try going to Natalie’s, or Rhumb Line. Also, you can get a hike in after you’ve stuffed your face with the good Camden eats by going up to Mount Battie.