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South beach miami party

Best Weekday South Beach Miami Party

Vegas might have the best pool parties out there, but there’s nothing quite like a weekday South Beach Miami party. We have chosen our top destinations for every day of the week. Who says partying is just on the weekends anyway?

south beach miami party

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South Beach Miami Party Every Day Of The Week



Tantra is one of the most classic Monday parties in Miami. Start off with dinner at this venue and then head over to the lounge to enjoy a couple of bottles on the red velvet seats and overlooking the Buddha statues.



French chef, Fred Joulin opened Semilla a few years ago. Again, start with dinner here and stay for the night. You’ll see a huge line forming, especially of luxury cars outside. Think of Nobu Malibu parking lot on steroids.



At Baoli, every Wednesday theme is “My Boyfriend’s Out of Town,” and, aside from its blatant endCome here to enjoy some seriously sexy people. Enjoy a light dinner here and afterward, enjoy a lot of drinks, dancing, and more sexy people.


Villa Azur

This is the best dinner party in Miami on a Thursday. Order the 2 feet seafood tower, the magnum bottles of rose, and you’ve got yourself the best night you’ve had in a long time.