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Budget Furnishing – Design on a Dime

Budget furnishing your new home doesn’t have to be hard! Buying or renting a new place can be bittersweet. You get the excitement of a newfound freedom and being on your own and if you’re anything like me, the added excitement of decorating! For some people however, this latter task can often be frustrating and difficult.

Budget Furnishing

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To best ease the frustrations of moving and having to furnish your new place, here are some pointers!

1. Know your space! Make the essentials a priority ( bed, couch, dresser, table, chairs, tv).
2. Create a budget and prioritize your list. Buy the items you need immediately, and buy the accessories later
3. Here are a few favorite places that are great for shopping on a budget:

IKEA / Structube

Ikea and Structube are very similar, but I find Structure has more unique pieces with similar prices. The Swedish megastore (IKEA) might make you put everything together by yourself, but it’s great for essentials. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the piece-by-piece approach. Grab a friend and a bottle of wine and make a date night out of it! I recommend getting the couch/bed frame/ chairs and table from Structube and the tv stand/ mattress/ bedding etc. from IKEA.


Anyone that knows me knows that HomeSense is my favorite store. Heck, it’s my favorite activity. I can spend hours in this store. Go here for your accessories! If you ever find anything you LOVE but aren’t sure the space allows for it, BUY IT! It will be gone next time you go searching for it. This way, you can bring it home, see if it belongs in the space. If it doesn’t, the return policy is generous, so you can always bring it back.

For those who hate leaving the house and prefer the online approach, is a great new tool for getting all your furniture needs on a decent budget.

Thrift stores in nice neighborhoods

Don’t be afraid to scavenge thrift stores, especially those in nicer neighbourhoods. They usually have gently used items that go for a pretty penny when new. Get yourself a bargain!


These two sites are super popular for new home/condo owners. Just be careful when you are meeting with new people. I always suggest bringing a friend along or letting someone know where you’ll be meeting.

Dollar Store

For the absolute basics, (like cleaning sponges, garbage can, hangers etc.) go to a good dollar store! There’s no reason you should be spending triple or quintuple the amount on a dish sponge. These little costs add up quick! Save yourself the cash and buy some pretty candles from HomeSense instead!