Our Top 4 New Boston Restaurants You Have To Try


These four new Boston restaurants are ivy league worthy. Some, opening as recently as 2016, these five restaurants are inventive, daring, and totally delicious.

new boston restaurants
Waypoint Harvard Square via waypointharvard.com

Top 4 New Boston Restaurants


Chef, Michael Scelfo introduces small plates with a focus on seafood. Also, there are large format roasts such as lamb shoulder. The place lives up to its high expectations with caviar service available. Also, there is absinthe on top. (WHAT?!) And if that’s not enough to convince you, they make the freshest and most delicious pizza in town. No joke! Even the flour is milled in-house.

new boston restaurants
Image via waypointharvard.com


Here, Chef Josh Lewin and his partner Katrina Jazayeri offer European-style luxurious fare from breakfast through dinner. Also, for the incredible high-end experience here, you won’t have to dig into your savings too deep to fully enjoy.

new boston restaurants
Image via julietsommerville.com


Chef Eric Cooper has a seasonal restaurant that emphasizes local ingredients and makes them the star. We recommend trying the Indian-inspired mackerel, if on the menu during your visit. Also, the steak frites are always a favorite and generally in season.

new boston restaurants
Image via foragecambridge.com


Local food heroes Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer always draw in the crowds for their inspired fare. Because of this, you should make a reservation in time, especially if you want to go with a bigger group. What we love most on the menu? The Istanbul meat ravioli and the Pizza bagel? Yes, pizza bagel. Sounds simple, but it’ll leave your mouth watering for more.

new boston restaurants
Image via boston.com

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