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San Francisco

Touristy Things You Must Do In San Francisco

Do you have a couple of days to spend in SF and want to do those MUST touristy things? We’ve got a few great suggestions for you!


Image via SFMTA

The Most Touristy Things You MUST Do In San Fran

Ride a cable car
Cliche, but totally cute. Do it! You’re in San Fran!

Drive or walk down Lombard St
You’ll hit loads of pedestrian traffic, but it’s totally fine. 2 minutes out of your life that you’ll enjoy.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
It’s windy up there, so throw on a windbreaker. Once you reach Sausalito, have something yummy and take the ferry back.

Take a photo in front of the Full House house
You have to! Instagram it or it didn’t happen.

Do the audio tour at Alcatraz
Even if you’re skeptical, you should do it! You might be surprised.

Toast to the good life at the top of the Mark
Panoramic views and delicious martinis are worth it.

Instagram Story the Palace of Fine Arts
You and 100 more brides will be there to take photos. It is simply gorgeous.

Eat seafood at Swan Oyster Depot
Open since 1912. Best Oyster house, ever.

Spend a day at the Ferry Building
Oysters, gourmet cheese, and freshness…OH MY! I think I’ll move here!

Tour the FREE Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory
Also, you can taste them fresh out of the oven. NOM!

Eat “The Big Donut” at Bob’s Donuts
Also, get a chance to go in their hall of fame by finishing it under 2 minutes. Then, get your 8$ back. I dare you!