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Weirdest Holidays Celebrated around the World

These are awesome holidays that are celebrated all over the world. Although it may seem normal to celebrate such strange events in your country, the rest of the world would surely raise an eyebrow.

So have a look at the weirdest holidays the world celebrates. Let us know if we’re missing any cool ones your town celebrates!

Weirdest Holidays

Lopburi Monkey Buffet

– This is celebrated in Thailand. It involves villagers setting up a buffet. Food such as peanuts, cucumbers, and crab are displayed for monkeys to enjoy.

Tinku “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival

– Next, people from the village of Tinku in Bolivia provide the earth Goddess Pachamama with blood to ensure a good harvest.

Antzar Eguna (Goose Day)

– Spaniards hang a decapitated goose from rope in the middle of the town’s harbor. Origin unknown.

Inti Raymi

– Here, people from Cuzco, Peru celebrate the reenactment of the Incan sun ceremony.

Bonza Bottler Day

– This is an Australian holiday celebrated once a month. It occurs when month number coincides with the day such as April 4, May 5, June 6, etc.

Groundhog Day in North America

– This is a famous holiday in the US and Canada where everyone awaits to see if a groundhog sees his shadow. If he does, then winter will continue for 6 more weeks. However, if he doesn’t that means spring will come early.

The Feast of Anastenaria

– This is an 8-day dancing celebration in Greece and Bulgaria. Here, dancers walk on fire and every family is given meat and sandals made from a sacrificed bull.


– This is a Scottish holiday depicting the rebirth of the sun. This involves many fire festivals. For example, there’s a torch procession with hundreds of people dressed in costumes. And at the end, there’s fire throwing into a replica of a Viking ship.

The Day the Music Died

– February 3rd is celebrated to honor three singers. The Big Booper, Richie Valens, and Buddy Holly died in an airplane crash in 1959.

Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival)

– On the coldest nights of the year, thousands of men in Japan strip down to loincloths. Consequently, this is done to test bravery and to ensure luck for the year.