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Weirdest Holidays Celebrated around the World, Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our series on weirdest holidays celebrated around the world. Let’s continue our journey around the world to find the awesome ways people celebrate their traditions.

Weirdest Holidays

Straw Bear Day – An English festival where a man or boy is covered in straw and led to houses in the neighborhood. He then dances in exchange for food, beer, or money.

Create a Vacuum Day – Pretty self-explanatory. The origins of this holiday are unknown but there are many theories. One theory is that a frustrated mom invented it to commemorate the chore.

La Tomatina – This is the largest food fight in the world. In Bunol, Spain, for 90 minutes, people hurl tomatoes at each other.

National Weatherman’s Day – Another self-explanatory holiday. It is celebrated on February 5th.

Nenana Ice Classic – Every spring, as ice begins to melt in Alaska, a wooden tripod is set up. So as the ice melts, it pulls on a rope, which stops the clock and a winner to the lottery is declared.

Nyepi Day – Lastly, this is a Balinese holiday that celebrates the lunar new year with total silence. So people stay home contemplating their lives without the distraction of lights, tv, food, or talking.

Night of the Radishes – A radish-carving contest in Oaxaca, Mexico. Contestants carve figures of Jesus Christ or elaborate historical scenes.

Wave All Your Fingers at your Neighbor Day – This is an odd one. You’d think people are nice to their neighbors in general, but apparently some need one day dedicated to it. It’s celebrated on February 7th.

Beer Day – Celebrated in Iceland, this is an all-day drinking holiday. Sounds like St. Patty’s Day!

Lammas Day – Also called “Loaf Mass Day,” this day involves locals bringing loaves from the first wheat harvest of the year to church.

Lame Duck Day – Celebrated on February 6th, this holiday recognizes people in authority who are still working but whose positions are about to end.

Weirdest Holidays In Asia

Chau Bun Festival – This festival is meant to drive away evil spirits and ensure smooth sailing. 60 foot towers are covered in sweet buns in front a temple. Then people grab as many buns as they can with the belief that the more they gather, the better their luck for the year.

Magpie Festival – Sometimes referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day, this day involves girls praying for a good husband and demonstrating their domestic skills like embroidery and melon carving.

Hangul Day – This day celebrates the creation of the Korean alphabet.

Bean Throwing Day – In Japan, this is a holiday that involves throwing beans around homes, shrines, and temples in order to scare away evil spirits.